Komet Energy

Komet Energy is a well-established existing partnership of 10% Erciyas, 10% General Electric and 80% Metcap Energy, founded in 2014.

The Project is a state-of-the-art Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant with 1,080 MW licensed and 710,5 MW guaranteed net output, one of the highest in Turkey. It is ideally located in Central Anatolia, Karaman, on the historical Silk Road; which offers highly attractive investment opportunities, accounts for 21% of total electricity consumption in Turkey.

The project land area accounts for 87,3 and it is adjacent to 358 hectares of available land for great Solar Project opportunity with the highest solar irradiation potential in Turkey with over 2200 kWh/m2. Solar PV Project will have a preliminary capacity of 268.74 MWp, optionally Concentrated Solar Power Project of 150 MWp capacity.

While industrial demand in cities like Konya, Adana and Kayseri will create a consistent and predictable demand for the supply, access to tourism hubs, particularly Antalya, where the demand peaks in summer months, creates a unique opportunity in the region.

The Project is fully developed; all permits, licenses, approvals including incentives and spot LNG import license have been secured.