Erciyas Industry founded

Erciyas Steel Pipe; the origin of Erciyas Holding, was founded by Metallurgical Engineer Ahmet Kamil Erciyas.

Erciyas Steel Pipe started its operations in Izmit factory with one coating machine, one engineer and three employees.


Rising star

Erciyas Steel Pipe’s headquarters moved to Istanbul and started steel pipe exportation.

Erciyas Foreign Trade founded for steel pipe, steel and rolled steel trade.

The construction of its state-of-the-art Duzce facility, which has 120.000 MTons per year manufacturing capacity, has started.

Erciyas accomplished the quality audits for API 5L, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Erciyas Steel Pipe won ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) Kagithane – Terkos Water Distribution Pipeline Project.

Bimas Bicycle and Motorcycle Co. founded in İzmir, the third largest city in Turkey with annually 230.000 bicycles production capacity.


A new Millenium!

Erciyas Steel Pipe produced a World’s First ODØ 3048 mm (120 inches) spiral pipe.

Argaios Tourism & Yachting founded to provide yachting and tourism services to premium segment customers.

Erciyas Steel Pipe entered the Algerian market and soon became one of the biggest manufacturers in the country.


New Horizons

Erciyas Steel Pipe’s production capacity reached 300.000 MTons per year.

Erciyas Steel Pipe won the contract for the Tamanrasset Salah Drinking Water Project in Algeria, the longest pipeline production undertaken by a single manufacturer.

Erciyas Steel Pipe became The 25th Largest Exporter and selected to represent Turkey at the European business awards.


Ready for Industry 4.0

Erciyas Steel Pipe entered Turkey Industry 100 list with its sustainable growth policy.

Became 2nd fastest growing company in FORTUNE 500.

Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. became “the factory that capable of producing the highest capacities in a single settlement in Europe” by increasing its production capacity to 450.000 MTons per year.


Investing in a better Future

Briza Wind investment completed and electricity production from wind turbines begun in Balıkesir with 16 turbines and total of 52.8 MW capacity.

Erciyas Energy founded to invest in renewable energy sources.

ECC Bimas installed the sales and service network in the Netherlands with five different bike categories including electric bikes; and became one of the active players in the European market today.


Sustainable growth with innovative ventures

Erciyas Holding bought 51% of Ozbal Steel Pipe and increased production capacity to 600.000 Mtons per year. Erciyas Holding became the largest capacity manufacturer in Europe.

RC Industry, designer, and manufacturer of railway and highway freight and passenger vehicles joined Erciyas Holding.


Our future is bright...

Erciyas Holding continues to invest various industries and is moving forward to become one of the largest investment groups in Turkey.