Kamil Emre Erciyas


K. Emre Erciyas, born in 1983, after finishing FMV Nişantaşı Işık High School (2001), Istanbul, he received his BSc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Sabanci University, Istanbul, (2006), followed by his MBT from University of California, Berkeley,CA. (2009).

He began his professional career at Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. He assumed the duties of Business Development Manager in 2009, and after various positions within different departments.

He established Erciyas Energy and Briza Wind in 2013. He currently holds the positions of;

Chief Executive Officer; Erciyas Holding
Chairman;ECC Bimaş and Vice Chairman; Bimaş Bicycle Motorcycyle
Vice Chairman; Briza Wind, Glober Logistics, Erciyas Steel Pipe, Özbal Steel Pipe, Erciyas Energy,
Board Member, RC Industry Transportation Vehicles

He is a member of Endeavor Turkey, Keiretsu Forum Istanbul Angel Investor Network and National Geography Society.