Bimas Bikes

Bicycle is not just kind of transportation, but also a passion and a key to a sustainable, healthier, civilized and stylish world.

Founded in 2014 by this passion, Bimas Bike who is the flagship of the Bicycle Group; markets products under three major brands; Vogue, Highlander, and Troy.


Vogue is our flagship brand which has a wide range of models for the people who want to travel from A to B in the utmost style. Vogue riders are bold, elegant and distinctive. They never hesitate to discover the new. Vogue is for sharp people who value their earnings and are willing to get the smartest designs.


In Highlander, we blended the traditional bike with innovative elements. Highlander is a bridge between the past and the future. Highlander is for people who strive to create new things while needing the simplicity of the traditional design… We produce timeless classics.


Troy is the Trojan horse to conquer the hearts of first timers and trend catchers. Our Troy bicycles are versatile, trendy, and resilient. We have put significant effort and thought into ‘the first bike’ for your kids. Whether you want to give yourself a magical experience or a sporty and hip experience, we have created the perfect selection for you. Troy captures your desire for the bike that is designed for your unique needs. Take for instance our Troy bakfiets, which is intended to be the perfect addition to your family.